Come home to nourishment, connection and abundance.

Our Ethos

Through our homesteading and healing journey we have discovered and learned lessons from those wiser than ourselves, nature and our own hearts. Through this course of seeking more meaning and deeper connections we have carried and embraced these observations, reminders and practices:

We Are Culture

We recognize that our everyday choices have the power to help shape our culture which is constantly evolving.

Nature Is Sacred

We honor that every being, seen and unseen, is sacred. We are on a journey of remembering how to practice recognition and respect of the sacred in all things.

Live From the Heart

We seek our hearts’ wisdom and direction in guiding our life choices. We practice creating space for our brains to offer service to our hearts.

Beauty Is Everywhere

We see beauty everywhere in the macro and micro alike and beauty is our recognition and expression of awe and reverence for life.

We Are Healing

We recognize and honor that modern humans are individually and collectively grieving and healing from complex global social, cultural and political problems.

Cultivate Gratitude

We are deeply grateful for life’s bountiful gifts. We endeavor to remember these gifts and live in reciprocity to honor the prism of living connections that feed and nourish our wholeness.

Meet Your Teachers

We’re Ann & Noel, ex-suburbanites turned rural homesteaders. We tend to our hearts while co-creating food, flower and medicinal gardens. We are life learners passionate about reconnecting with Mother Earth and cultivating abundant food, beauty and medicine.

We love sharing our experiences and knowledge with other homesteaders, inspired by the joy and connection that we were lucky enough to receive throughout the apprenticeships and jobs we held in permaculture, farming and homesteading.

Our deep motivation is to contribute to a more vibrant, earthy, meaningful and connected future. Through homesteading we have become empowered to heal ourselves, nourish our family and connect with a greater web of life and magic.

Let’s co-create a positive future for our grand children’s grand children by re-aligning our hearts and minds with the natural world!

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