What is Homestead Culture?

Home: The dwelling, place, village or region where one lives.
Stead: Standing firm in a place.
Culture: To tend, care or cultivate land or crops.

Homestead Culture means to tend to gardens in the place where we live while thinking multi-generationally. We are literally putting down long term roots and co-creating with the natural world around our home or community.

Culture has other meanings which start in our home and extend outward. Culture also refers to the beliefs, values and practices that are shared or expressed by a group of people.

Each one of us influences our cultures every day through our thoughts and actions. We all have the power to help shape the cultures we live in as we influence the people around us.

I use Homestead Culture as an opportunity to ask, ask and re-ask myself:

How do I want to live in this world? What culture do I want to contribute to?

I am homesteading so that I can connect with nutritious food, diverse plants, herbal medicine, heart centered humans, and local economies. It feels really, really good to walk this path of re-connection.

I choose to pursue re-connection with the natural world so that I can thrive as a whole human—physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. I also choose to encourage and support others that seek re-connecting with Mother Earth.

Culture is not static—It is fluid, changing and evolving with each second, each breath, and it is influenced by every single human being. As a conscious being I choose to contribute to a culture that respects Mother Earth instead of seeing her gifts as resources to use.

I personally believe our global human culture as a whole is actively and collectively trying to move toward global healing. To heal means to become whole. It is natural to be whole—It is natural to thrive on every level.

When I honor my heart’s guidance, then I can more easily move into a loving relationship with myself, Mother Earth and my community. With love—This how I choose to contribute to a brighter, more connected, thriving future for our children.

How do you want to live in this world? What culture do you want to contribute to?

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