• Garlic Harvesting, Tasting, and Braiding

    Garlic Harvesting, Tasting, and Braiding

    Oh the amazing garlic. Garlic is one of our staple crops and a key ingredient in most of our meals. I could write tomes on garlic, but today I’m going to focus on how to obtain two harvests from garlic, the results of our garlic tasting (we trialed 10 different varieties this year), and curing…

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  • Planting Fava Beans in the Fall

    Planting Fava Beans in the Fall

    This fall we are planting fava beans in anticipation of next year’s harvest. Before I started gardening I had no idea what a fava bean, or broad bean was. They are substantial in size compared to other beans that we are used to eating and the flavor is delicious! We love using them in chilis,…

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  • Elderberry (Sambucus)

    Elderberry (Sambucus)

    Explore the healing wonders of Elder, why Elder is called a “medicine chest” since medieval time, and why we want to grow an entire grove of Elders on our homestead. I met Elder for the first time years ago at my workplace in California, where I often sat in her shade, not knowing then about…

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  • Designing for Short Term Yield

    Designing for Short Term Yield

    Many of our homestead and permaculture projects take multiple seasons to plan and execute. They should be worth the wait, but in the meantime its also nice to have some smaller wins along the way that complement our greater objectives. This case study shares a design process for a single experimental crop over the course…

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  • Living in Season

    Living in Season

    It’s fall here in southern Oregon and this time of year often brings back memories of my first fall. The first time I experienced fall was my 2nd year in college. Up until then, I had never really known what four seasons was like. I grew up in Vietnam and moved to southern California with…

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  • Why Do I Homestead?

    Why Do I Homestead?

    I started gardening in 2009 with about 300 square feet of soil in our suburban tract condominium. Watching plants grow from seed that I had planted with my own hands quickly became my favorite pastime. Those garden plants began to nourish my creativity, spirit, body and mind. I began to feel connected to our earth.…

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